"Master your thoughts, master your body."


Reverse was born from the desire to offer high quality textiles to the world tracers community. Our brand is combining streetwear fashion and clothes that are adapted to our practice.
Efficiency is as important as style. Our pieces are designed and selected to provide the best support to your movements when you move.

Created in France, the brand is getting internationally extended by delivering worldwide. 
Our goal is to support the Parkour by sponsoring athletes and participating to the creation of projects/events directly related to the discipline.


Voici notre première collection d’été, la collection « SIGNATURE ».

« Run your path with style, mark the world with Your Signature.« 

Il existe autant de styles différents qu’il existe de pratiquants, cette nouvelle collection de vêtements de Parkour est destinée à souligner cette singularité qui vibre en chacun de nous. 
Apporter de nouveaux mouvements, de nouvelles idées, c’est participer à l’élévation du Parkour. 

Laissez une trace de votre passage, laissez VOTRE signature.



Our first collection, called "MYTMYB".

« The only thing standing in the way of you breaking a jump or getting to the next level is in your head. Master Your Thoughts, Master Your Body. »

This collection’s motto is directly inspired by the different situations we face within our training sessions. It is a reminder that our body acts according to our mind, so we need to master it.